Great Yukon Summer Listings and Packages

The Great Yukon Summer encourages Yukoners to experience packaged tourism experiences in their own backyard. It is for Yukoners by Yukon tourism businesses. Yukoners will receive a 25% rebate on purchases of packaged tourism experiences exclusively listed on

Online Listings include:

  • Placement in all applicable service categories
  • Customizable travel packages

Who is eligible to get a Great Yukon Summer listing:

  • Yukon tourism businesses offering activities, attractions, transportation, accommodation, and/or dining.
  • Non-government organizations featuring tourism products.
  • Municipalities and Destination Marketing Organizations wishing to promote their destination.
  • Yukon First Nations Governments featuring tourism products (e.g. cultural centres).

In order to be eligible, businesses and organizations must:

  • Hold and maintain all applicable insurance, licenses, and permits, necessary to run the business.
  • Be based in Yukon
  • Be in good standing with Yukon Corporate Affairs and Yukon Workers’ Compensation Health and Safety Board (if applicable).
  • Have a website or web presence that provides information on cancellation and payment policies.

Eligible Great Yukon Summer Packages

The minimum package value is $250 per person before tax; there is no maximum value.

Eligible tourism package experiences, activities and services may include:

  • Accommodations (e.g. hotels, bed and breakfasts, commercial RV parks, etc.);
  • Transportation (e.g. airlines, vehicle rental companies, guided van tours, etc.);
  • Visitor experiences (e.g. guided tours, cultural experiences, dining experiences, etc.), and
  • Visitor attractions (e.g. cultural centres, museums, etc.).

Packages may not include retail items.

A package can be submitted by an individual business or as a partnership.

If organizations partner to create a package, 1 organization must be the lead. The lead must facilitate the booking and issue the receipt. Travellers must only receive 1 receipt from the organization, which includes the fees for the entire experience

Eligible experiences must begin and end any time between June 4 and September 30, 2021.

More information

Funding can be accessed to develop campaign strategy, advertisements, and media purchase planning through the Great Yukon Summer Campaign Development Program. Yukon tourism businesses are also encouraged to access the Tourism Cooperative Marketing Fund (TCMF) to place their ads.

For more information on how to create a travel package, contact the Tourism Development Advisor at or by phone at 867.667.8723.

If you would like access to the Great Yukon Summer logo for marketing purposes, please send an email to